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What Products May Contain Asbestos

Because asbestos is resistant to fire and is very strong, it has been used in many manufactured products. These include materials for building, such as shingles; floor and ceiling tiles; asbestos cement; paper products; automotive products such as brakes; clutches and transmission parts and heat resistant gaskets, coatings and packaging. If asbestos containing products are damaged or disturbed through remodeling, renovation or demolition, the tiny fibers that cause disease get into the air and then are breathed into the lungs, where they can result in drastic health problems over time.

Some of primary sources of asbestos exposure include:

The construction industry, mostly building renovation and demolition activities.

Where asbestos products are made, such as friction products, insulation textiles and other items used for building.
During the repair of clutches and automotive brakes.

When products that contain asbestos are damaged or disturbed, like insulation, acoustical materials, floor tiles and fireproofing.

Different categories of asbestos-containing products include:

  • Cement corrugated sheets, asbestos cement flat sheets, asbestos cement pipes, asbestos cement shingles
  • Roof coatings, pipeline wrap,flooring felt, roofing felt
  • Facings of clutches, drum brake lining,disc brake pads, brake blocks
  • Asbestos Coatings- non-roof coatings, vinyl floor tile, automatic transmission parts
  • Commercial and industrial asbestos friction products such as beater gaskets and sheet gaskets, commercial, corrugated and specialty paper, millboard
  • Rollboard
  • Ceiling panels, tiles and related sundries.
  • Thermal insulation products, including pipe insulation, pipe covering, pipe wrap, cement, block insulation, spray and sundries.

If you believe you have asbestos in your home, it is important to not disturb it. Hire a brisbane asbestos abatement company insure that there is no asbestos in your home. They will take a sample of material and test it to see if it have asbestos fibers. Before you decide to have your house remodeled, you may consider having this test performed. If asbestos-containing materials are damaged through unraveling, fraying or breaking apart the area needs to be sealed off with no access. In addition, do not further disturb the area and contact a professional to see what remedies exist. You should get an assessment from at least two different firms. The material will probably have to be encapsulated or enclosed.

Often, people who suffer from mesothelioma are unaware of their disease until they begin to experience painful symptoms. This is often late in the onset of the disease. Other diseases that can be caused due to asbestos exposure are lung cancer and asbestosis. Asbestosis is a very serious disease that progresses over the years and effects the lungs. It occurs when asbestos fibers are inhaled, irritating the lungs and making breathing more difficult. The side effects can cause the lung tissue to scar and this scarring makes it difficult for oxygen to reach the blood. People who have asbestosis usually have symptoms of shortness of breath and a dry cracking sound when they breathe.

Asbestos used to be found in many consumer products and is still used today in products such as asbestos clothing,asbestos-cement shingle, pipeline wrap, asbestos-cement corrugated sheet, vinyl-asbestos floor tile, automatic transmission components,roofing felt,asbestos-cement flat sheet, clutch facings and disc brake pads.

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